Investing In Variable-Speed AC Equipment Pays Off

A new air conditioning system lets you enjoy a comfortable indoor environment no matter how hot it gets outdoors. When equipped with variable-speed components, it can also save you a bundle of money. Find out how HVAC systems with these innovative functions maximize your comfort and minimize your energy expenses.

How Variable-Speed AC Equipment Works

Until recently, on/off operation was your only option when it comes to purchasing a new air conditioning system. The equipment ran at full power until it reached the set temperature, then switched off. Waiting for the system to cycle on again could leave everyone sweating in discomfort. Thanks to the introduction of variable-speed AC equipment, all that has changed. Today, you can invest in a system that’s always active, saving you money by adjusting its operation in increments to match your needs.

Variable-Speed Compressors

AC systems rely on the cycle of refrigeration to keep everyone cool and comfortable. As the liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it absorbs heat from the air. The compressor takes the gas and compresses it back into a liquid. When cooling demands are low, models with variable-speed operation ease up on the level of compression. This process is particularly effective in humid weather, as it allows the cooling coils to extract more moisture from the air. Variable-speed compressors use less energy than single-stage models, so you save money too.

Variable-Speed Air Handlers

Air handlers powered by variable-speed motors work by adjusting airflow according to your cooling requirements. Instead of intermittent blasts of cold air, you enjoy an even delivery of cooling refreshment. Eliminating the stop/start operation keeps you more comfortable, and it saves energy as well. At Vertex Mechanical, we offer a broad array of whole-house Trane HVAC systems with variable-speed AC equipment. Our Mitsubishi ductless systems also feature advanced variable-speed functionality.

Whichever air conditioning system you choose, our professional HVAC installation services ensure you reap the full rewards of variable-speed operation. To learn more about how investing in a new AC system pays off, check out our air conditioning section or call Vertex Mechanical today.

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